eco stone cookware 4 set non stick cooking pots sauce pan stew pot caserole

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About this item

ECO Stone  ICC Home 

design by Italy
made in Korea 

The Eco Stone is represntative cookware brand of ICC Home.
It is designed by Italy ICC Brand and made in Korea. 
The eco stone will bring you sweet change in the kichen.
It will give great chance to keep you and your famliy healthy 
by offering the safe and eco friednly products. 

From the Kitchen to the table !

Premium pot
Water based coating
Tough ceramic non-stick coating surface
During the application of the ceramic coating , there are no toxice fumes produced.

Product Features
1. Oil Slim makes health food
The Eco stone ceramic coating makes it possible for oil slim cooking due to non - sticky features.

2. Excellent acid and alkaline and oil resistance.
The Eco stone ceramic coating  cans apply for any food ingredient or seasoning owing to excellent acid alkaline and oil resistance.

Especially fried dish is simply made by oil resistance.

** coating surface 
Food is very hardly sticky by coating with eco stone .

** Bottom 
Bottom is designed to minimize fire loss and prevent 

** coating 
The eco stone coating is eco -friendly ceramic coating .
It has many advantacges which are superb durability, naturalistic coating harmless to human body , easy clean.